QuickBooks Error H505

How to Prevent QuickBooks Error H505

How to Prevent QuickBooks

Error code H505 indicates that QuickBooks Desktop cannot access company files on another computer. Usually this occurs because the host server has incorrect hosting settings.

Problems related to internet connectivity may include network issues or firewalls blocking connections; misconfigured hosting services are another likely culprit.


QuickBooks Error H505 usually occurs when trying to use a company file located on another computer. This could be caused by either network connectivity issues or firewall blocks which prevent both computers from communicating effectively with each other.

Error 306 may also arise if you try to access your company file on a system without full QuickBooks setup, in which case it’s essential that only accessing company files on their original host server should be attempted.

Host Multi-User Access

First, check that no workstation has the “Host Multi-User Access” option enabled; if so, disable it immediately.

Next, ensure that only your server company file hosts multi-user mode – otherwise QuickBooks won’t connect to other workstations within your network when their versions don’t have it enabled.

Assuming you know which workstations have this error message, to test that this is indeed the issue, open QuickBooks on each workstation where this error occurs and select File, Multi-user Mode from within QuickBooks. Also make sure that server computers act as workstations are checked!

If this solution does not resolve the error, try the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to scan your company files and correct any firewall permission issues that prevent access by software programs.

Once the fix has completed, you should be able to open and use your company file without encountering any errors. However, if any persist, reboot your computer and try again; otherwise contact an IT specialist for assistance.

QuickBooks Error H505
QuickBooks Error H505

QuickBooks Error H505 Symptoms

QuickBooks Error H505 may occur if you try to access a company file hosted on another computer, when your hosting settings or firewall settings haven’t been properly set up.

Error 414 may occur when trying to access a company file on your server that has not been set up in multi-user mode. You may notice that keyboard and mouse input do not respond quickly or your computer freezes for several seconds during these instances.

Cause of Problem: Damaged Network Data File (.ND). This error often appears on Windows systems if their servers have been damaged, infected with viruses, or compromised by malware.

Other possible sources of this error could include damage to the.ND file, incorrect or improperly formatted network data files, firewalls that prohibit accessing it and an incorrect or ineffective hosting configuration.

Once you’ve identified the source of an error, it is essential that it is resolved as it could seriously disrupt your work.

File Doctor tool

One of the easiest ways to identify this issue is with a QuickBooks File Doctor tool, available for download on Intuit’s website.

Once downloaded and installed, run this tool on the computer experiencing error messages. When operating, it will identify its cause before providing steps to address it.

Once downloaded and running on all workstations experiencing this issue, it should show up as an option in their Utilities menu to “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.”

If you cannot locate the “Stop Hosting Multi-UserAccess” option on any of your workstations, first ensure each is configured appropriately before moving onto another method.

If the error persists on multiple workstations, contact QuickBooks support specialists who can quickly resolve it for you.

 Error H505 Solution

QuickBooks is one of the most commonly used accounting software programs by businesses of all kinds, yet there may still be bugs and errors which cause issues with it; such errors are known as H-series codes.

If you are encountering QuickBooks Error H505, several solutions exist that could assist in rectifying it. These include verifying network connectivity, disabling firewall software and hosting settings verification before restarting QuickBooks services.

Before attempting to open any company files, first check that your server is the only computer hosting them. If not, disable Host Multi-User Access option on all workstations until the problem has been addressed and then attempt opening one.

QuickBooks Error 1053

Error 1053 can also occur if Windows Defender Firewall is blocking communication with the server. In such a situation, either manually allow QuickBooks through or add rules allowing specific ports for QuickBook to use.

Error 1422 can also occur when QuickBooks hosting services aren’t running in the background correctly and are using an incorrect startup type. You should make sure all necessary services are active.

Error 1002 can arise when the server you are trying to access in order to gain access to company files is either down or unreachable, due to hardware failure or Internet connectivity issues.

To avoid issues, it is vital that a stable and reliable network infrastructure be maintained, your files backed up regularly, and seek assistance from an IT specialist as needed.

Solution 2 will allow you to address this issue. Download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub onto your system before visiting its Company file issues section for errors that might be impacting company files. Finally, the QuickBooks File Doctor can then be used to repair any issues causing these company files to appear in an error log.


This blog post will examine a few methods you can employ to work around QuickBooks Error H505, one of the more frequent occurrences when using this software. The cause can range from various factors and can easily be avoided with knowledge.

As soon as this error appears on any of your workstations, open QuickBooks on each and enable the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option in Utilities menu if it occurs there as well. If it occurs on a server too, enable this setting there too.

An additional potential cause could be incorrect firewall settings on your computer system, which prevent QuickBooks from connecting with its server, and lead to the error message mentioned above.

An additional possibility could be damaged or corrupted network data files, causing error messages when trying to access company files from different computers.

Downloading and installing

If this is the case for you, check that your computer system contains a file doctor tool that can repair this problem. Downloading and installing such an application from Intuit’s official website should do just the trick – follow its onscreen prompts for installation.

The File Doctor tool will allow you to quickly scan your company file for damage and fix any problems if they arise, ensuring you can use it without issue.

Hopefuly, this article has provided useful information about what to do when encountering QuickBooks Error H505. If you require further clarification or have any queries on this subject, don’t hesitate to call our toll-free helpline – one of our specialists would be more than glad to assist!

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