How to Fix QuickBooks Won't Open

How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open


How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open

Are you experiencing issues with QuickBooks refusing to open, getting stuck in its loading screen or failing to respond as intended? Looking for solutions on how to resolve these problems? If that’s the case for you, read this.

You have various solutions available to you for dealing with the issue and may even regain access to your company file through these methods.

Restart your computer

QuickBooks is an indispensable accounting software program that helps small and mid-sized businesses streamline their bookkeeping processes, but if QuickBooks won’t open, it can cause serious disruption. Therefore, it is imperative to address this issue promptly so you can return to business.

Restarting your computer may help resolve QuickBooks-related problems without needing support services. Doing so will clear away existing application data, giving QuickBooks another chance.

As another option, try running QuickBooks in Windows Safe Mode to verify that no other applications are interfering with it. Simply press Windows + R key, type “MSConfig” in Run box and hit Enter or OK for System Configuration Utility to open.

Dependent upon the version of your operating system, installing QuickBooks updates could be essential to keeping company files current and to resolve the problem of QuickBooks not opening properly.

Rebuild Data

Rebuild Data Tool from Intuit. This tool can help resolve many common QuickBooks issues by scanning and fixing any issues affecting the company file.

As an alternative, the QuickBooks File Doctor tool can also help to repair damage to your company file. Available for download from Intuit’s site, it will help address “QuickBooks won’t open” issues.

Solution 8: When working with a network server, it may be that your company file resides on a different drive than what you access through desktop applications. To overcome this issue, locate where on the network drive your company file is stored, copy and paste it to an accessible folder on your local PC before saving and closing out.

After you have copied your file, use the File Doctor tool to scan any possible company files for errors that could be affecting them and fix “QuickBooks Won’t Open” issues allowing you to resume normal work operations.

Check your internet connection

How to Fix QuickBooks Won't Open

QuickBooks Desktop and Online both rely heavily on an internet connection to access all its features, and should it fail, this can create major disruption to both financial information and operations within your organization.

Misconfiguration of firewall settings is one of the main contributors to computer malfunction. A firewall serves to protect against unauthorised access to your operating system, files, programs and data as well as managing network traffic so your network operates optimally.

Misconfiguration of firewall settings may cause internet connectivity issues, including errors when transferring files and software applications. If you’re having difficulty opening QuickBooks, make sure that all updates for security have been applied as soon as possible and that all necessary patches have been applied to ensure optimal performance of the firewall and antivirus software.

Another potential issue can arise with your Internet connection type. Many home internet users rely on mobile connections that were designed mainly for cellphone use and can be very slow; these can interfere with QuickBooks opening properly, so if possible it would be best to avoid such connections if possible.

Internet connection

QuickBooks makes it easy to check your internet connection via its help menu by offering Internet Connection Setup as one of its options, followed by clicking Next. Moreover, firewall settings in QuickBooks may need to be modified in order for QuickBooks to use your internet connection effectively.

If you are using a wireless network router, its configuration could have become compromised or its hardware obsolete, leading to intermittent interruptions in your connection and potentially corrupting the QuickBooks file.

Issues associated with router performance, old or malfunctioning workstation network adapters and poor server/OS performance could all lead to this situation. To protect clients and prevent this issue from occurring, always recommend that they only connect their computers via Ethernet cable when joining the network.

If you are connecting via wireless, first reset the date and time on your system to ensure they match up accurately. If that doesn’t solve it, reset internet security settings or delete browser cookies; these should help improve speed of internet access as well as allow access to QuickBooks account. Alternatively, contact QuickBooks support specialist.

Check the company file

If your company file won’t open in QuickBooks, there are several quick solutions you can try. If these don’t help, consult an IT specialist for further advanced troubleshooting steps.

Begin by verifying that you have an valid company file. To do this, reopening and selecting your file within the application can help, or alternatively go to File > Open or Restore Company File and search for this file in different directories on your computer.

Create a New Company File This step is straightforward, using either the short process or wizard; both require only minimal information input from you, while taking about 15 minutes respectively to complete.

Alternative Solutions include clearing old entries from the file menu’s list of company files by setting their number to 1. Doing this will remove all previous company files and only display your latest one.

Once you find the company file, recording transactions should become much simpler.


QuickBooks displays your company file under its “File” menu in the top-right corner. If there’s an alternate backup copy on your computer, this menu also shows it.

Backup company files are vital documents, which should be stored securely away in case your computer becomes damaged and your original company file becomes corrupted. They offer an invaluable way to recover any crucial information if this should occur.

A company file is a text-based accounting document that includes information about your business. This may include transactions such as purchases and sales as well as financial records and reports about the performance of your enterprise.

Check the installation

QuickBooks is an invaluable asset to small and midsized business owners from non-accounting backgrounds, helping them manage finances, track sales and create invoices easily. When QuickBooks fails to open or takes too long to start up it can become a real headache – let alone its inability to run smoothly for business.

The primary source of this error is usually a corrupt or damaged company file. If this is indeed the case, reinstall your program before trying to open your company file once more – if this doesn’t work then other solutions might work better to resolve this problem.

Before attempting to repair the company file, it is a good idea to create a backup. Doing this ensures you won’t lose any important information during the repair process and allows you to rebuild it and fix QuickBooks Won?t Open.


As part of your backup procedure, you have two choices for saving it: online or locally. If you select online storage, a window will pop-up asking for your username and password before continuing onto step two of three.

If the file you want to open is local, save it by clicking on a folder located on your desktop computer. When accessing it again, renaming it allows for easier opening.

Check your installation of the program to detect any installation-related issues; if they exist, use tools like QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to resolve them.

The Intuit website offers this tool free of charge as a great way to scan for hidden issues on your system and fix them, then restart and try opening QuickBooks again afterwards.

If you need any assistance installing QuickBooks or experiencing difficulties using it, contact one of their specialists who are always on hand and available round-the-clock to offer their support and guidance. They offer 24/7 services and offer all the help necessary.

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