How to Fix quickbooks error ol-301

How to Fix quickbooks error ol-301?

If you use QuickBooks frequently, you can encounter the OL-301 error code. One of the potential causes of the OL-301 error is that there may be a corporate file problem or a connectivity issue with the financial institution while using Direct Connect. Through this article, we are providing you with the steps you should take to resolve the QuickBooks error OL-301.

What Causes the quickbooks error ol-301?

You can see numerous error warnings on the screen, such as “QuickBooks and the bank cannot connect because they have different account information.” The potential causes of the error that occurs when attempting to connect with the Bank are listed below after receiving the problems.

  1. In QuickBooks Desktop, the bank information is not valid.
  2. The Inactive status and blocked accounts may be to blame.
  3. The online banking login information was entered incorrectly.
  4. The server at the bank is down or undergoing maintenance.
  5. When attempting to access an inactive service, such as the Online Bill Payment Service.
  6. The QuickBooks corporate file is corrupt.
  7. Your identity verification has yet to be approved.

Solutions to Solve the quickbooks error ol-301

Create a test company file to identify the source of the error.

Creating a test file can determine if the mistake was caused by your bank or a problem with QuickBooks.

  • Navigate the File menu and choose New Company.
  • To continue, you must now choose Express Start.
  • Next, fill the Setup window with all the necessary details before choosing Create Company.

How to Fix quickbooks error ol-301

Re-establish Connection to Your Bank

  • You are here, which indicates that QuickBooks has triggered an error that needs to be fixed one at a time. 
  • If the bank connection is not working, check it and reset it. You must switch your bank feed on and off. 
  • By doing this, you will update QuickBooks’ link to your bank. 
  • Repeat the same operation to look for the QuickBooks error codes OL-222 and OL-301.

Perform Step 2 for All Banking Connections

  • Choose Chart of Accounts from the QuickBooks List menu.
  • Select Include inactive at the bottom of the list to include inactive items.
  • Now, disable bank feeds for all of the accounts, even those that are dormant.
  • Next, enable bank feeds for each account you will choose.

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